These Are The Biggest Wedding Hair Trends of 2019

Planning your dream bridal look doesn’t end with choosing your wedding dress. Your finishing touches, including your bridal accessories, makeup, and hairstyle, all work together to create a bridal look your guests will remember! Recently brides have opted for more “cool girl” bridal hairstyles with more movement and texture than the traditional curls and heavily hair-sprayed up-dos.

So, what’s next for wedding day hairstyles? Let’s dig into some styles you can use for your bridal trial inspiration!

The Meghan Markle Messy Bun

Fashion trends always follow current style icons with fabulous and original taste. Meghan Markle not only inspired a wedding dress trend of clean classic dresses with sleeves, but her trademark soft low bun screams bridal. If only we could pull a look like that off every day, right?

Accessorize low messy buns with a soft and romantic floral hair comb like the Perle hairpiece.

Perle Bridal Hairpiece with Low Messy Bun
Low Up-Do with Hair Vine
Wedding Hair Low Messy Bun Crystal Hairpiece

Textured, Waved Tresses

More brides than ever are styling their hair down with intricate and unique hair accessories as the finishing touches to their bridal look. Hair down feels softer and more carefree, something that a lot of modern brides want to show on their wedding day. And, if you’re thinking of adding a statement hair accessory, down do’s would show off your hairpiece beautifully.

Accessorize a down-do with a hairpin for an asymmetrical style or a hair vine to wind organically through your soft waves. A wire piece that has some movement, like the Sophie hairpiece, would work perfectly to pin your long curls back.

Down and Curly Wedding Hair
Photo Credit: Photography by Brea

A Trendy Braid

Braids are a trendy and cool alternative to the classic up-do. A braid can pull your bridal ensemble into a vintage direction, or a trendy and soft vibe depending on your dress and accessories. Braids are a perfect combination of soft and trendy with the convenience of an up-do, so you can showcase your dress and keep your hair away from your face the entire night.

A hair accessory like the Luna hairpiece, with delicate wire branches, can mold into whatever style of braid you want for your bridal look.

Statement flower hairpiece flower hairpiece rose gold flower hairpiece updo hairpiece half up half down hairpiece Faye Daniel Designs
Fishtail Braid with wire hairpiece for Wedding Hair
Photo Credit: Urban Row Photography

The Classic and Chic Chignon

Who doesn’t want to look classic and timeless on their wedding day? The Chignon is a magical hairstyle that’s equal parts modern and timeless. Brides have worn chignons since the Victorian era for a reason – they’re sleek and sophisticated, and can be accessorized however your heart desires. Plus, you can interpret a chignon in many ways, going with a small knot at the nape of your neck or going with more volume.

If you’re planning a chignon hairstyle for your wedding day, then you’ll want a hairpiece that frames the chignon so it fits into the overall design. Something like the BenĂ© Haircomb would fit perfectly into a chignon style.

A Preppy and Trendy Ponytail

Ponytails feel like such a fresh option for brides who want to do something completely new and different! If you want to stand out and still look clean and pretty, a nicely styled ponytail would work perfectly. Because they look a little preppy and flirty, ponytails would work well with a clean dress and soft accessories like hair vines.

The Althea hair vine would pair well with a fun ponytail style on your wedding day!

Which wedding hair trend are you loving? Leave a comment and share your hair inspiration with us!

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